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The Education Services Division strives to provide a variety of tools to training coordinators. 

What COJET Requirements take effect January 1, 2014?

For Judicial Officer Employees:  

Effective January 1-December 2014, the COJET requirement for all Judicial Officers remains a minimum of 16 COJET hours, including ethics.  In addition to JCA trainings to be advertised this year, the Wendell  site will continue to offer judges online learning tools for COJET credit. 

For Non Judicial Officer Employees:

Effective January 1– December 31, 2014, the  COJET training requirements established in ACJA section 1-302 remain at a minimum of 16 COJET hours, including ethics and the 2014 designated core curriculum - public service, effective communication and customer service.  Training in this category required for all non-judicial officer employees may include subjects that are relevant to verbal, non-verbal or written communication skills, interacting with court customers and providers, and the media, among others. 

Non-facilitated Learning Increase:

Per Administrative Order 2013-110 –  A temporary modification in non-facilitate learning hours remains in effect January 1 - December 31, 2014.  It is ordered that the limit of 8 credit hours for non-facilitated learning programs that may be used to meet the annual continuing judicial education requirements described in ACJA § 1-302 be increased to 10 credit hours for calendar year 2014.  All other policies, standards, and approval mechanisms described in § 1-302 remain in force. 

Please consult the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more:

A small list of 2014 Core Curriculum topic area examples are given below.  The list is not inclusive; however, it will provide you with guidance on possible training options:

Examples of classes in this category:

•        Presentation Skills
•        Can You Hear Me Now?: Phone Skills
•        Customer Service Spanish for Non-Bilingual Court Staff
•        Victim Sensitivity Training
•        Special Incidents Reports
•        Report Writing Training
•        Dealing with Difficult People
•        Legal Advice, Legal Information
•        Motivational Interviewing
•        Active and Empathetic Listening
•        Reaching for Stellar Service
•        Cognitive Intervention/ Motivational Interviewing
•        Basic Grammar
•        Fundamentals of Interviewing
•        Giving & Receiving Feedback
•        Improving Team Performance
•        Emergency Communication
•        Verbal De-Escalation/Active Listening
•        Conduction effective meetings
•        Conflict Resolution
•        Workplace Diversity …

Regional Conference Planning (Resources and Templates)

Downloadable Curriculum

Click this link for    Downloadable curriculum materials. These materials are hosted on the AJIN network. If you do not have access to the AJIN network and would like copies of materials offered please contact Vikki Murillo-Cipolla at  

Facilitated Programs

Available for checkout from the Education Services Division are these DVD-led courses (with complete instructions and handouts) you can use to cover a wide range of topics.

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